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Automating The Personality Out Of Your Brand

Are you guilty of automating the unique selling point which is the personality out of your brand? Let's see.. What Is Your Brand Personality If you're Nike or Staples, your brand personality has been carefully crafted and created by teams of marketing geniuses. They...

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Breaking My Sales Record At The Conference

Yeah, I did. I broke my own sales record at the recent WBENC National Conference I just came back from. It was fun and it was great but it wasn't exactly a surprise. In fact, I shared most of my secrets with members of my community with a webinar called Conference...

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Stop Emailing Prospects Now

In my efforts to help my clients grow their businesses, I have to work especially hard to get them to stop simply emailing prospects. After all, they like email because it's easy, it's safe and there's hardly any rejection involved, right? I mean my clients are...

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What On Earth Do I Blog About

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this complaint from a client or any other business owner, I could retire and set up a life in Jamaica tomorrow. People are writhing in the pain of this question and refusing to do anything about it. Well, here's a fool proof...

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Only 2% of Cold Calls Get An Appointment

And yet my you're still doing it, aren't you? It boggles my mind how most business owners I meet are still thinking that prospecting and business growth equal cold calls. And they break out into a sweat over it. And of course, naturally they refuse to do it. Well, the...

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