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How To Waste A Conference

I have conference fever! If you're also going to a conference soon to build your business, then go ahead and read on. If you're only there to learn, you can probably skip this one. Here's how to waste that conference you're going to: Go to a Conference Only To Learn...

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Buyers Are Liars

I knew this when I did consumer research for launching new products and the potato chip flavour loved by the majority bombed on the shelves and I know this as I look at the clients I help in their marketing messaging. What buyers say and what they do can be very very...

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How Changing One Word Can Explode Your Sales

Just changing one word in your marketing can change your sales destiny. Here's how: A 3 letter word Sandra had been trying for years in vain to sell her services as a systems expert. Once inside a company, she could immediately see the inefficiencies in their back...

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How Even A Milkshake Is a Solution

As a B2B messaging expert for mainly service based companies, I keep harping with clients about what pain point they are solving. The interesting thing is, that even a product is a solution to a pain point. The Milkshake That Soothes Clayton Christensen, Harvard...

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