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How Changing One Word Can Explode Your Sales

Just changing one word in your marketing can change your sales destiny. Here's how: A 3 letter word Sandra had been trying for years in vain to sell her services as a systems expert. Once inside a company, she could immediately see the inefficiencies in their back...

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How Even A Milkshake Is a Solution

As a B2B messaging expert for mainly service based companies, I keep harping with clients about what pain point they are solving. The interesting thing is, that even a product is a solution to a pain point. The Milkshake That Soothes Clayton Christensen, Harvard...

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Research: Poor Communicators Are Poorer

Sadly if you're a poor communicator, you actually become poorer. Research carried out by the Carnegie Institute of Technology showed that 85 percent of your financial success is due to skills in “human engineering,” your personality and ability to communicate,...

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Variety Isn’t A Differentiator

I bet you thought you were clever and that having variety in your offering was a huge differentiator. Not so...Consumers and businesses are drowning in too many choices when they're buying something. The famous paradox of choice that I talked about in a previous...

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