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Only 2% of Cold Calls Get An Appointment

And yet my you're still doing it, aren't you? It boggles my mind how most business owners I meet are still thinking that prospecting and business growth equal cold calls. And they break out into a sweat over it. And of course, naturally they refuse to do it. Well, the...

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You Don’t Fight Bad Habits With Insight

Jenny wanted to grow her consulting business. She was getting plenty of referrals but it wasn't enough to double her business, which is where she wanted it to go. Because she felt like the missing piece was knowledge, over time she spent countless dollars with...

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Can Brand Persona Alone Get You Clients?

No. Brand Persona alone can't get you clients or a job. Here's why: I just saw a viral Millennial job application video where the young lady in question SANG (yes, you read that right!) her application in a video and posted it to LinkedIn. It got tons of shares and...

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Every $1 Spent On Email Marketing Gives Back $44

Are you still resisting doing newsletters or creating blogs to send to prospects through email marketing? Sadly, the stats are against you. People do read emails and they do buy from them. Even if you're in the high value kind of business I'm in, emailsĀ open doors. I...

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7 Differentiators Buyers Don’t Care About

Even my 9 year old likes to hear that he's different and that we love him the best out of anyone. However, in business that difference is hard to achieve. Here's how I know...In preparation for a training I'm doing on Differentiating Marketing Messages, I pre-surveyed...

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