When small business owners have disagreements with clients, suppliers or partners it’s very personal. Because our businesses are very personal to us. I had such a disagreement recently and before it affected my business growth, I wanted to address it in a way that was cathartic and useful. So I wrote a letter to my son who is only 3 years old but will surely grow up one day to face the same challenges and be able to benefit from these lessons. I wish the same for you.

  • When someone who you think likes you tells you that they never thought much of you, know that it’s because they are hurting inside and can’t stop the pain.
  • When someone who you’ve tried to help says that you’ve harmed them instead, know that they were harmed a long time ago and that you can only help them by loving them from a distance.
  • When hate is poured out to you from someone who you love, know that the hate isn’t really for you but for them. Send them love anyway.
  • When a dark moment comes over you as it will in this life, know that to think of all that you’re grateful for will bring light inside of you.
  • When you fail at something as you will in this life, know that it’s just a lesson in how not to do things in the future. Take the lesson and let go of the shame.
  • When something happens to bring your whole way of being into question, know that it is an opportunity to sharpen your vision.
  • Above all, know that all hate is just fear that we are not loved and that all pain is dissolved with forgiveness.

If anything in my letter resounds for you, take heart because no small business can grow without a few bumps along the way. As long as you keep things in perspective, you and your business will be only stronger for it.

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