When your small business success depends on your ability to communicate, you’d better care about what amazing communicators are doing so that you can copy them. Here are 7 cues about what the heck they’re doing in an article in Inc. Magazine by .

1. They Connect

People say that, when Bill Clinton talks with you, he makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. Let your listeners feel your empathy and know you value their importance.

2. They Engage

To be an amazing communicator, you should be well informed and yet ready to learn, listen and participate.

3. They Disarm

Get comfortable and confident in your own skin so you can give good energy in conversation and from the podium.

4. They Focus

Set structure to your speech and soon you’ll be able to communicate ideas in an efficient and powerful way.

5. They Clarify

Amazing communicators find ways to simplify complex concepts without being condescending.

6. They Reinforce

Make an effort to be dynamic and thoughtful in your delivery so listeners get depth and emphasis rather than a miscellany of concepts.

7. They Practice

Most amazing communicators didn’t start that way. They learned from experts, practiced with coaches and studied technique.


The biggest learning from all of the 7 points is that nobody was BORN a great communicator. Having done countless talks and interviews and speeches to all sizes of crowds, I know that I’ve gotten better with each new experience. So, the shortest way to success is to hire some help to groom you and to get out there and throw yourself to the mercy of your audience.

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