The Repositioning Expert helps B2B service providers get and keep a decision maker’s attention

It’s hard to reach decision makers today

90% of first time voicemails are never returned* and wasted marketing budget costs companies at least $1 trillion a year**

We are the The Repositioning Experts and we help service providers get to the table with more decision makers by repositioning their messaging.

* Source: RingLead
**Source: The B2B Lead

An Experienced Marketing Strategist

Our founder Chala Dincoy has over 20 years of experience as a marketing strategist for some of the biggest brands in the world like Pepsi, Pizza Hut, Frito Lay and Smirnoff.

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3 Reasons To Never Email Your Price

One of the first things we change when we start working with new clients is the way they're doing their sales meetings and subsequent proposals. And, you guessed it-it's often because they're emailing proposals and pricing at the drop of a hat (or rather, at the whim...

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Technology Isn’t The Innovation, Value Is

Having just come back from the largest tech marketing conference in Canada DX3, my mind is whirling. The number of innovations that I saw were impressive. In every presentation, there was a clear message: it's not about the amazing technology you bring to an industry,...

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Stuck in Boots On A Beach

Yeah that happened. The things that went wrong on this trip were so mind boggling that I had to share the multitude of sins in my blog. I hope you, as business owners (and fellow travellers) can learn from this story. The Slap In The Face It all started when my whole...

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The Hilarious Targeting Of Women For New Products

When I read about the new Doritos (my former employers) product targeting women, I had a terrible flashback to a similar new product launch by yet another former employer. That's right...the BIC For Her Pen. What's up with launching gender-based products, you ask? Let...

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The Amazing Power of Quiz Marketing

Ever seen one of those "Are You Good In Bed?" quizzes in Cosmo magazine when you were young (and wondered who actually takes those quizzes?) Well, that was my introduction to the great world of quizzes. Now, decades later, who would've thought that I'd be using them...

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You Can All Hear Me, I Don’t Need That Mic, Right?

The need for invisibility that I see in business owners is so incredibly detrimentally pervasive that I've decided to catalogue all the ways CEOs self-sabotage their marketing in this blog. Refusing the Mic Whenever I see a (mostly woman) CEO get introduced and refuse...

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