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Stop Trying to Message Multiple Targets At Once

At a recent roundtable with CEOs, one large question kept popping up. One CEO asked how to combine B2B and B2C messaging. Another asked how to combine Millennials with Seniors as a target to speak to. Others had up to 20 industries they worked with and wanted to find...

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Are Printed Brochures Dead in B2B Marketing?

Yes. That's all I can say about the topic and (what-a-surprise) I feel pretty strongly about this. Printer friends, don't hate me. Let me explain why: Printed Anything Is Dead Seriously, just ask bookstores or printers themselves. Everything is digital today. Except...

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Is Your Website Selfish?

That's right, you heard me. I just asked an absurd question. Is your website all about you--your products, services, staff, offices etc? In other words, is it selfish? Here's how to know and why that's bad. The Me Me Me Website Most small businesses I meet think that...

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How To Waste A Conference

I have conference fever! If you're also going to a conference soon to build your business, then go ahead and read on. If you're only there to learn, you can probably skip this one. Here's how to waste that conference you're going to: Go to a Conference Only To Learn...

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