The Number One Way To Get Corporate Clients

I got to pick the brain of procurement managers of large corporations such as Telus, Coca Cola and National Car Rental at a conference this week. Here are the things they said that they’re looking for in a new supplier: Be Different The main thing...

How Having a Niche Can Save You In a Recession

What does having a really clearly defined narrow niche in both what industry you target and what specialty you offer have to do with thriving in a recession? The short and surprising (not to me) answer is EVERYTHING. Here’s why: Price Cutting When a business is...

When Your Beliefs Box You Into A Niche

Beliefs are thoughts you keep thinking every day. That doesn’t sound like a bad thing that can ‘box’ you into anything now does it? Unfortunately beliefs are THE ONLY thing that keep us from bigger success and living our true potential. In the last...
How to Win Friends the Way Apple Wins Customers

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