Can Bad Presenters Get Clients From Speaking?

The short answer is Yes. Bad Presenters can and often do get clients from speaking. First of all, what are Bad Presenters in my book? They don’t engage the audience They have eye-charts with too much info and facts They don’t tell stories They don’t...

What Your Marketing Can Learn From Donald Trump

I’m sure I am not alone in howling with laughter and disbelief at the things dear Donald is doing and saying lately. However, as a marketer and a small business owner, I have to pay attention to what he’s doing well in his marketing, which is surprisingly...

Are You The Taxi Cab Or The Uber In Your Industry?

As my practice grows rapidly south of the border, I’ve been chatting to a lot of taxi drivers. They’re upset. Often they have to work longer hours to make the same fare. In some cities, their business is almost reduced to nil. If you travel to the US a...

How I spent $8K on a Trade Show and Lost My Voice

Yes, there it was, the big-planned-for-exciting trade show I’d planned, plotted and saved up for. The day was here. The Show   Suzanne Evans was a big deal for me. I’d wanted to meet her for a long time and I wasn’t disappointed. What started...
How to Win Friends the Way Apple Wins Customers

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