Coaching without trust

Ever try to coach someone who didn’t trust you? How far did that get? How about when someone you didn’t trust tried to coach you? Felt awful right? As Stephen Covey says “Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s...

How to have the “ugly” performance conversation

Do you remember something called the ‘Bell Curve’ from your school days? When applied to work performance, it basically means that most people (68%) are in the middle and have average quality of work while 16% are high performers and naturally the other...

Is there such a thing as a “bad question”?

In my world, YES. Within the context of being a “coach manager” (someone who not only allows others to come up with the solutions but actually facilitates others in creating the solution) you can actually do more harm than good if you ask a bad question. What’s a bad...
How to Win Friends the Way Apple Wins Customers

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