Communicate or Dictate?

When terrorist planes hit the twin towers on September 11, one man gained international attention and acclaim for his leadership. Struggling at a 36% in approval ratings for his rigid, dictatorial style of management, Rudy Giuliani was losing popularity fast prior to...

Change the way you talk, change your results

My client Gerry thinks he’s unappreciated at work. The truth of the matter is that his boss just isn’t very good at communicating his praises to him. Angela is calling a divorce lawyer this week–her husband won’t talk about their problems. John and Dave work in...

A blues buster E-zine

Every newsletter I seem to read in the recent weeks is a strategy or list of to-do’s for coping during difficult economic times. Of course, I’m no dummy and I recognize why, but I decided to do a different type of list for the New Year. One that talks about...

The 5 best interview tips I’ve ever used to get a job

With so many lay offs and restructuring plans in the marketplace, you will need every tip and trick in the book to stand out amongst a sea of competitors. Here are the very best interview tips that I’ve found to be the most powerful when looking for that perfect...
How to Win Friends the Way Apple Wins Customers

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